Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. has introduced Silica Yarn and Cordage to the SILTEX® line of silica products.  SILTEX® Silica Yarn and Cordage are continuous filament products made from 96% – 98% amorphous silica, and operate continuously at temperatures up to 1800°F • 982° C.  The yarn will not melt or vaporize until temperatures exceed 3000°F • 1700° C. 

Comprised of U-Silica filaments, SILTEX® Silica Yarn and Cordage offers exceptional benefits for the most demanding applications:

» High resistance to thermal shock

» Low thermal conductivity  

» Minimal shrinkage at service temperatures, as well as under conditions of cyclical thermal loads

» Excellent acid and alkali resistance

» Minimal weight loss on ignition  

»  Finished with PTFE for ease of use and increased adhesion to epoxy and phenolic binding

» Available in a variety of diameters

SILTEX® Silica Yarn and Cordage is widely used in applications such as high temperature braided insulation for thermocouple wires, instrument elements and electrical cables, as well as yarn for textiles such as ropes, tapes, sleeving, cordage curtains, and sewing. 

In addition to Silica Yarn and Cordage, the SILTEX® product line includes Woven Silica Fabric, and Silica Textiles, including ropes, tapes and sleeving.   We also offer Needled Silica Mat as part of our CERMEX® Thermal Insulation product line.  Please visit us at for more information, or call us today for a quote.