Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a global company dedicated to manufacturing innovative, high quality thermal insulation barriers and environmental protection products.  With a commitment to research and development and leading-edge engineering, Mid-Mountain sets itself apart as a company offering the foremost coated fabrics, fabricated parts, refractory products and textiles available in the industry today.

ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles
Specializing in engineered coatings, Mid-Mountain's complete line of ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles are produced from a variety of substrates and coatings that meet the rigorous demands of your industrial or environmental application. 

SILTEX® Woven Silica Fabrics and Textiles
A family of high performance textiles available as cloth, tape, yarn, cordage, rope or sleevings, SILTEX® Silica textiles are comprised of 96-98% amorphous silica fibers designed for use where severe temperature conditions exist.

CERMEX®  Thermal Insulation Materials
Technical thermal insulation products available in the CERMEX® Thermal Insulation Materials family include a variety of papers, blankets, and mats that can be used for a variety of applications where thermal resistance is required. 

HYTEX®  High Performance Textiles
Manufactured from a variety of yarns with varying chemistry, HYTEX® High Performance Textiles are available as cloth, tapes, ropes and sleevings designed to meet an extensive array of industrial and commercial applications.

THERMOPAK® Fabricated Components and Engineered Products
Utilizing our complete line of products, Mid-Mountain manufactures a wide variety of custom-made, fabricated thermal protection and insulation products for the most demanding high temperature and environmental applications. 

THERMOSEAL® Refractory Specialites
A family of high temperature specialty refractory mixes formulated from various ores, materials and minerals, THERMOSEAL®  Refractory Specialties provide the ultimate in refractory service protection.


ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Treated Textiles
CERMEX®  Thermal Insulation Materials
HYTEX® High Performance Textiles
MINROX™ Refractory Fabricated Shapes
SILTEX® Silica Textiles
THERMOPAK® Fabricated Products
THERMOSEAL® Refractory Specialties