Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. produces a wide variety of custom-made cut, sewn and fabricated products for use as thermal barriers and seals, high temperature gaskets, environmental protection products, and thermal insulation materials.  Our in-house specialty textiles and coated fabrics division gives is the capability to fabricate products that provide emissions control, environmental protection and energy conservation.

THERMOPAK® Fabricated Components and Engineered Products are manufactured to the specifications unique to each application, and can be used across the industrial spectrum in applications where thermal, abrasion, or chemical resistance may be required.


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THERMOPAK® Custom Sewn Parts and Shapes
Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. produces a wide variety of custom-made, cut, sewn and fabricated thermal protection and insulation products.  These products are ideal for use across the industrial spectrum where abrasion, chemical and thermal resistance is required. 

THERMOPAK® Die Cut Gaskets
Specialty shapes are die cut from a variety of insulating materials for custom fit in thermal management applications.

THERMOPAK® Stress Relieving Blankets
Stress relieving blankets efficiently contain and direct heat generated when pre-heating and stress relieving field weldments.  Easy to handle and quick to apply, these blankets are made for multiple use and maximum economy.

THERMOPAK® Tadpole Tapes 
With it's distinctive bulb shape, these tadpole tapes provide a low pressure gas seal ideal for high temperature uses.  Constructed from various cover and core materials, these tapes conform to uneven mating surfaces or joints where packings or flat tapes are unsuitable.

THERMOPAK® Weld Backing Tapes
Simple to apply and readily conformable to complex and tight configurations, these tapes eliminate the need for rigid backup devices and supports.


Manufactured to protect aluminum coils, slab and sheet from surface damage in rolling mills during cooling, plant transfer, annealing operations and the handling and storage process.